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It’s been half a decade since STARK NARRATIVE was launched, and already so much has changed. Founder Omara Nahar and Partner Elizabeth James Tingen reflect on the past and think about what the future has in store for the firm. 

Omara Nahar, Founder & Managing Director: “When we launched five years ago, we were poised to do things differently, yet had no idea how dynamic the road ahead would be. We are thankful for and deeply humbled by the support we have received on our journey so far.  I look back to certain extent in disbelief, and could not be more grateful for the experience. I am well aware of all the hard work that has been invested by our team to get where we are today. They will always be my main priority because they are the backbone of our firm. I’m proud of them, mostly for investing trust in the demanding approach we cast on ourselves to be a niche and futureproof firm, all while remaining inquisitive, innovative, and pragmatic.” 

Elizabeth James-Tingen, Partner & Executive Director: “Having joined Stark’s predecessor in January 2017, I’ve been with the firm since it was merely an abstract idea. We’ve been through some very challenging times – a buy-out, pandemic, recession, acquisition – and the lessons I’ve learned during the course of it have been invaluable. The primary being: remain agile, be disciplined, and relentlessly expand your knowledge base. Or put even more simply, never stop learning. These are the basic principles which will ensure that professionals remain relevant, and entities remain evergreen.” 

Despite so much uncertainty and transition, Stark Narrative must retain a long-term horizon. Although we are relatively young firm, it can be truly challenging to keep up with the rapid pace that is demanded of us. Looking to the future, we will be focused on continually transforming our business to align with at least two dominant factors impacting society, namely climate change and machine learning. Literally every business – whether that be an SME like us, or a large conglomerate – should do so. We are uncompromising in our goal to understand how our work at STARK NARRATIVE is implicated and will continue to adapt and evolve.